1. You cannot develop code before April 28th 4:00 PM PST
  2. You cannot use any code or materials that were gathered or made before the hackathon (If you are unsure about something, ask in the discord)
  3. You must only work with the people in your group (Getting input and help from the community is allowed)
  4. You cannot plagiarize the work of others
  5. Your team must not have more than four members
  6. If you break any of these rules or our team has reason to believe that you are cheating, you will be immediately disqualified




<1> Be Respectful 

We have zero tolerance for bullying, racism, sexism, and other forms of hate. Any behavior that falls under this category will result in disqualification and removal. This includes verbal or written comments, the sharing of sexual content, deliberate intimidation, doxxing, harassment of any sort, disruption to others, creation of hateful content, etc. Harassment rules also apply to sponsors, speakers, and any other helpers in the hackathon. If you witness any of these actions, please report it to hackathon personnel on discord (preferable) or by email (

<2> Be Inclusive

Every person, regardless of sex, race, or religion, has a right to hack in a safe environment. 

<3> No Profanity

If you have something inappropriate to say, keep it to yourself. 

<4> No NSFW Content of Any Form

This includes profile pictures, profile names, messages, pictures, etc. 

<5> No Touchy Subjects

These may be topics such as politics, religion, weapons, etc.

<6> Respect People’s Personal Information

Do not send the personal information of someone else unless given permission by that person. This includes age, picture, name, grade, gender, location, email, phone number, etc.

<7> No Advertise of Any Unapproved Content

This includes servers, products, services, etc.

<8> No Impersonation

This includes organizers, speakers, mentors, etc.

<9> Follow the Devpost’s Terms of Service

Their rules are as important as ours: